The Tarek Ahmed Juffali Research Chair in Red Sea Ecology is dedicated to understanding the role of marine life in the functioning of the present and future Biosphere with a particular focus on marine ecosystems in the Red Sea, the ecology of their foundation species, and the response of marine biota to environmental drivers and human pressures. This is achieved through three main research streams:

  • Discovery: Fundamental discoveries on the structure and function of the Red Sea Ecosystem and the Global Ocean.

  • Understanding: How do marine organisms cope with the extreme conditions of the Red Sea, as a proxy for a future, warmer and oxygen-poor ocean.

  • Solutions: Opportunities for climate change mitigation and adaptation based on marine ecosystems; Marine-based food systems; Applications of marine genes and molecules to cosmetics, health, bioremediation, food and energy sectors.

​The approach to addressing these research questions is characterized by collaborative, inter- and transdisciplinary research with a focus on synthesis and meta-analysis and the willingness to take risk in exploring new ideas.