Kimberlee Baldry

Masters Students

Research Interests

Particular interest in the interface that exists between marine science and mathematics. My MS research will explore various drivers of the carbonate chemistry within coastal environments in the Red Sea. I hope to graduate from KAUST at the end of 2017 and pursue a Ph.D. in some aspect of the carbon cycle. The air-sea interface interests me, although I have not yet had a chance to explore this as a topic of research


​​B.Sc., Chemistry (Physical) and Mathematics (Applied and Statistical), UWA, Perth, Australia, 2016

Professional Profile

2016: Research Assistant (Marketing), UWA, Perth, Australia

2016: Laboratory Demonstrator, UWA, Perth, Australia

2015-2016: Tutor (Statistics), UWA, Perth, Australia

2014-2016: Vacation Scholar/Industrial Trainee, CSIRO, Perth, Australia

2014-2016: Research Assistant (Centre for Social Impact), UWA, Perth, Australia​

KAUST Affiliations

Red Sea Research Centre (RSRC) -  Biological and Environmental Science & Engineering (BESE)​​​