Current Research

Funding Source: KAUST Office of Sponsor Research; Duration: 2016-2018; Funding: $2,514,431 US, Leader: Carlos M. Duarte  ​​​​
Funding Source: KAUST Office of Sponsor Research; Duration: 2015; Funding:  65,000 US $, Leader: Carlos M. Duarte and Xiangliang Zhang. ​​​
Funding Source: Schmidt Institute of Oceanography, EEUU (research cruise); Malcolm McCulloch, Chari Pattiaratchi, Carlos Duarte and Susana Agusti-Requena and Julie Trotter ​​​
Funding Source: MOST International S&T Collaboration and ZJU (China); Duration: 2016-2017; Funding: 500,000 US $; Leaders: Prof. Jiaping Wu (PI) and Carlos M. Duarte (PI)  ​​​​​​
Funding Source: Australian Research Council–ARC Discovery Projects; Duration: 1/1/2014-31/12/2016; Funding: 185.000 AUD$; Leader: Susana Agustí​​​
Funding Source: : Danish Research Council; Duration: 2013-2015; Funding: 252,900 euros; Leader: Dorte Krause-Jensen ​​​​​​​​​
​Funding Source: Plan Nacional de I+D (Spain), Duration: 2013-2016; Funding: 230,000 euros; Leader: S. Agusti​ ​​​​
Funding Source: Norwegian Research Council, Duation: 2013-2016; Funding: 2 million euros; Leaders: Prof. Marit Reigstad (PI), Prof. Paul Wassmann (co-PI), Univ. of Tromsø (UiT)​​​
Funding Source: CSIRO (Australia), Duration: 2013-2016; Funding: 3 million $ AU; Leaders: Carlos Duarte y Peter Ralph​​​