Ocean - The Secret of Planet Earth - Epilogue: The Ocean in the Future of Humanity

Year: 2024

Extra Information

Duarte CM. Epilogue: The Ocean in the Future of Humanity. InOcean-The Secret of Planet Earth 2024 May 7 (pp. 231-235). Cham: Springer International Publishing.


The ocean occupies two-thirds of the surface of our planet, giving it the blue colour that easily distinguishes it from the rest of the known planets. In fact, the enormous reservoir of liquid water that represents the ocean is what differentiates our planet from the more than 400 already discovered and what has allowed the other fact that makes Earth unique among these known planets, life. It is precisely in this Ocean where the hope lies that Planet Ocean, as it should be called, will continue to be a comfortable home that we can share with the rest of the species that populate it.