• Dates: February 2024
  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • TAJRC team members: Carlos Duarte, Cassandra Roch, Michelle Havlik, Sofia Frappi, Taiba Alamoudi, Carlos Angulo, Nayra Pluma
  • Collaborators: E1, Partanna
  • Mission: E1 is dedicated to restoring our coastal waters and ecosystems for both current and future generations, utilizing innovative clean technologies and methods for aquatic restoration. Professor Carlos M. Duarte, serving as Chief Scientist for E1, will play a pivotal role in advancing their initiatives, including the establishment of the Blue Cities League—a collaborative effort aimed at positively impacting urban coastal restoration. At a recent race event, several coral scientists from KAUST and the CORDAP team shared insights into their work, while Professor Duarte participated in a panel discussion underscoring the urgent necessity for coral protection measures globally. Joining him were Didier Drogba, former captain of the Ivory Coast football team and owner of E1's Team Drogba, and Rick Fox, a three-time NBA champion and CEO of Partanna, the company responsible for pioneering the world's first building material capable of actively absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Experiment: During the race, Michelle Havlik was deploying hydrophones to assess the impact of electric boats on the ocean soundscape.