Principal Investigator

Carlos M. Duarte

Distinguished Professor of Marine Science Tarek Ahmed Juffali Research Chair in Red Sea Ecology

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Environment, Biodiversity, Conservation biology, Ecosystem ecology, Coastal ecology aquaculture, Carbon Dynamics, Seagrass Ecology

Research Scientists

Shannon Klein

Research Scientist

Research Interest: Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Marine Biology, Pollution, Acclimatization, Applied Statistics

Postdoctoral Fellows

Alexandra Steckbauer

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interest: Hypoxia, Deoxygenation, Acidification, Climate Change, Multi-stressor Experiments

Tahira Jamil

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interest: Data Visualization, Statistical Analytic, Geospatial data analysis, Machine Learning, Metagenomic Analysis.

PhD Students

Silvia Arossa

PhD Student

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Coral Reefs, Environmental pollution

Anastasiia Martynova

PhD student

Research Interest: Plastic Pollution, Microplastics

Anieka Parry

PhD student

Research Interest: Coral reef ecology, physiology, thermal performance, cnidarian symbioses, chemical ecology, Applied Statistics

Eleonora Re

PhD Student

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Conservation biology, Restoration, Coral Reefs

Elisa Laiolo

PhD student

Research Interest: Microbial ecology, Metagenomics, Benthic habitats, Extreme Habitats, Blue carbon

Michelle-Nicole Havlik

PhD student

Research Interest: Ocean bioacoustics, Marine Ecology, Anthropogenic noise

Sofia Frappi

PhD student

Research Interest: Blue carbon, Elasmobranchs, eDNA, Megafauna, Population Genetics

Masters Students

Diego Elihú Rivera Rosas

Master Student

Research Interest: Mangrove Ecology, Community and Landscape Ecology, Conservation and Restoration, Deep Sea

Hugo Mann

Master student

Research Interest: Blue carbon, Marine Ecology, Climate Change

Jacqueline Alva

Master student

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Marine diversity, Conservation Strategies, Marine Protected Areas, Anthropogenic Impacts

Taiba A. Alamoudi

Master Student

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Aquaculture, Climate Change, Biosecurity

Research Group Staff

Fadiyah Baalkhuyur

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Marine pollution, Microplastics

Mongi Ennasri

Laboratory Technician​

Research Interest: Analytical Chemistry, Marine Ecology

Reny Devassy

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, marine Biodiversity, Phytoplankton Taxonomy, Zooplankton dynamics

Jenn Thomson

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Marine Ecology, Conservation, Extreme Habitats, Ecosystem restoration, Microgravity analogues

Naira Pluma

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Marine Conservation, Marine Ecology, Coral reef restoration

Wajitha Jasmine Raja Mohamed Sait

Laboratory Technician

Research Interest: Molecular biology, Gene sequencing