Ocean - The Secret of Planet Earth - The Deterioration of the Oceans

Year: 2024

Extra Information

Duarte CM. The Deterioration of the Oceans. InOcean-The Secret of Planet Earth 2024 May 7 (pp. 147-173). Cham: Springer International Publishing.


It is clear that the ocean plays an important role for society as a source of services, food, water and well-being and that, therefore, its conservation must be a priority objective. Far from assuming this responsibility, society has been increasing its pressure on the ocean until in several cases exceeding the breaking point of ecosystems. The increase of this pressure on fisheries and its consequences have been exposed for the reader’s consideration in the previous chapter, but overfishing is only one of the many pressures that the ocean is enduring and that are leading to an accelerated deterioration at a global level.