The Simrad EK60 echosounder dataset from the Malaspina circumnavigation

by Xabier Irigoien, Thor Klevjer, Udane Martinez, Guillermo Boyra, AndersRøstad, Astrid C. Wittmann, Carlos M. Duarte, Stein Kaartvedt, Andrew S. Brierley, Roland Proud
Data descriptor Year: 2021 DOI:


Irigoien, X., Klevjer, T., Martinez, U., Boyra, G., Røstad, A., Wittmann, A. C., Duarte, C.M.,... & Proud, R. (2021). The Simrad EK60 echosounder dataset from the Malaspina circumnavigation. Scientific data8(1), 1-5.


We provide the raw acoustic data collected from the R/V Hesperides during the global Malaspina 2010 Spanish Circumnavigation Expedition (14th December 2010, Cádiz-14th July 2011, Cartagena) using a Simrad EK60 scientific echosounder operating at 38 and 120 kHz. The cruise was divided into seven legs: leg 1 (14th December 2010, Cádiz-13th January 2011, Rio de Janeiro), leg 2 (17th January 2011, Rio de Janeiro-6th February 2011, Cape Town), leg 3 (11th February 2011, Cape Town-13th March 2011, Perth), leg 4 (17th March 2011, Perth-30th March 2011, Sydney), leg 5 (16th April 2011, Auckland-8th May 2011, Honolulu), leg 6 (13th May 2011, Honolulu-10th June 2011, Cartagena de Indias) and leg 7 (19th June 2011, Cartagena de Indias-14th July 2011, Cartagena). The echosounder was calibrated at the start of the expedition and calibration parameters were updated in the data acquisition software (ER60) i.e., the logged raw data are calibrated. We also provide a data summary of the acoustic data in the form of post-processed products.