The main goal of this lab is to study the Carbon budget, its cycle in marine ecosystems, and its connectivity in space. To achieve this, the lab is equipped with advanced instruments and technology.


Dual Carbon Isotope Analyzer – δ13C Analyzer for Isotopic Carbon in CO2 and CH4. PICARRO

Picarro CRDS is a rugged, compact, and field-deployable system that measures concentration and isotope ratios. The four primary analytical measurements of the instrument are: concentration of 12CO2, 12CH4, 13C-CO2, and 13C-CH4 with a resolution in parts per billion. Picarro Analyzers use time-based, optical absorption spectroscopy of target gases to determine concentration.

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Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer

The Aurora 1030W TOC Analyzer processes aqueous samples for analysis of total organic carbon TOC, total inorganic carbon TIC, and non-purgeable organic carbon NPOC content. Using heated persulfate oxidation technology, samples containing 2 ppb​ to 30,000 ppm of organic carbon can be analyzed.

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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

The Total Organic Carbon TOC analyzers TOC−LCHSShimadzu, ASIandTotalNitrogen adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, while providing an ultra wide range of 4 μg/L to 30,000 mg/L, these analyzers have a detection limit of 4 μg/L through coordination with NDIR. This is the highest level of detection sensitivity available with the combustion catalytic oxidation method.

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