Our group works on research questions that often includes work at sea, work in the field, as well as experimental laboratory design. We have the capacity to standardize environmental variables in our laboratory. In addition, The Coastal and Marine Resources Core Lab of KAUST​ provides us with access to the sea, oceanographic equipment, and aquaria.



Incubator Chambers

The Percival Incubators Chambers are used for many different types of applications; from microbial culturing to plant seedling. This instrument is equipped with The IntellusUltra Controller technology that allows us to control temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting. The IntellusUltra Web Server lets us program and monitor the incubator from any device.


Bioreactor ​

The INFORS HT Multifors is a biorreactor especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Multifors together with the Iris 6 Parallel Bioprocess Control Software offers the rapid and statistically accurate way to generate and understand data. With a choice of preconfigured packages, and an extensive list of options; Multifors is always optimized for our microbial fermentation proceedures. Different cultivation strategies such as: culture in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes are possible.


Mangrove Nursery 

The laboratory in conjunction with the KAUST Central WORK-SHOP’s engineer have developed a Mangrove Nursery. This system allows the growth of the mangroves under different stresses and environmental conditions to study potential applications in the fields of: phytoremediation, coastal protection, fish nurseries, and carbon sequestration.


Life support system

The Coastal Marine Lab will operate a life-support system with seawater in flow for the keeping and cultivation of diverse marine organisms. Aquariums and climate rooms can both control and manipulate environmental variables to suit observational and experimental activities.