SeaFET OCeAN Sonde

The SeaFET™ Ocean pH Sensor is a robust, stable, and precise field instrument that measures ocean pH at low pressure. This instrument helps us understand the acid/base equilibria in oceans. The SeaFET™ Ocean pH sensor has been used extensively in the research areas of ocean acidification, coral reef ecology, and coastal and environmental monitoring.The lab is equipped with 5 units.


Shutter fluorometer

By use of its novel shutter mechanism, the sample can alternately be exposed to full sunlight or be placed in darkness, without user intervention. The flexible software enables yield measurements, dark acclimations, light curves and user-defined actinic light treatments (including far red light) to be made at any time of the day. The lab is equipped with 1 units.


EXO1 Sonde

The EXO1 sonde is an advanced water quality-monitoring platform for marine, estuarine, surface and groundwater applications. The features of the sensors allow obtaining live measures of temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved O2 with high accuracy and precision. The lab is equipped with 5 units.



The OCEAN SEVEN 305 CTD multiparameter probe measures temperature, dissolved O2, pressure, pH, and salinity. It includes a high accuracy seven-platinum-ring conductivity cell, which can be cleaned in the field without the need for re-calibration. This unique cell has a short length (46 mm) and large diameter (8 mm) which guarantees self-flushing and no clogging for long-term deployment in biologically active waters.


EGM 4 Enviromental CO2 gas monitor 

The EGM-4 is a compact, lightweight instrument that can be used for both dynamic and static measurements of the concentration of the environmental and water CO2 and O2. The EGM-4 is designed for applications that demand a high degree of accuracy and control with minimal maintenance. To perform measurements in water, the water is  pumping  through a Tygon tubing into a membrane equilibrator (Mini Module by Liqui-cel, Charlotte, NC, USA) at a rate of approximately 2 Lmin−1.