Bertin coriolis

The Coriolis® µ, is a microbial air sampler specifically designed for the quantification and detection of biological particles such as bacteria, spores and pollen.  Particles are collected and concentrated in a liquid sample allowing to analyze air samples using the methodologies available for the characterization of microbes from aquatic environments including PCR and flow cytometry.


Sequential High-Volume sampler CAV-A/MSb

The high-volume Sampler CAV-A/M’S is an automated dust collector able to collect form large volumes of air up to a few thousand m3. Dust samples are collected on filters for subsequent quantification of trace metals, inorganic nutrients, organic carbon and analysis of DNA.


Wildco Biological Dredge

A heavy duty dredge for qualitative sampling of benthic organisms. Its weight allows scraping of the benthos to collect organisms living in or on the sediment as well as in the water column just above the benthos. The frame scrapes the bottom sediments into the net while the sampler is being towed by a cable. Frame size: 460x75x255mm; net size: 460x890x225m; net mesh size: 25mm holes.


Bottom net sled 1000 micron

A bottom biological sampler for scraping bottom sediments may be used with or without runners. It is useful for sampling from small boats. Runner size: 508 mm; net size: 305x508 mm; overall size: 350x620x350 mm.