TAJRC "Landmark paper" ranked number 1 in cytogenetic research for 2021

27 December, 2021

We are really proud to announce that the paper:

Klein, S., S.M. Alsolami, A. Steckbauer, S. Arossa, A. J. Parry, G. Ramos Mandujano, K. Alsayegh, J.C. Izpisua-Belmonte, M. Li, and C.M. Duarte. 2021. A prevalent neglect of environmental control in mammalian cell culture calls for best practices. Nature Biomedical Engineering 

has been ranked as the top paper on cytogenetic research in 2021. On commenting, BioSpherix, cytocentric research, said:

This ground-breaking review made our list because it calls for a widespread and permanent change in how routine cell culture is done: with careful attention to environmental controls for better scientific reproducibility. Please read and absorb every word of this landmark paper. We couldn’t agree more.

This paper is first one from our collaborative research program between Mo Li’s team and the Duarte lab, including Juan Carlos Izpiasua-Belmonte. Well done to all involved!

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