A menu of mangroves

18 January, 2022

This week, Carlos Duarte and other TAJRC lab students showed Chef Angel Leon and guests around KAUST during the Winter Enrichment Program 2022. They were shown corals in CMOR, partook in a snorkel trip, and Angel produced a delicious 10-course menu using mangrove seeds and other produce.

Carlos Duarte commented:

"A memorable experience with a menu inviting us to eat the Red Sea by 3* Chef Angel Leon; the first time ever that mangroves have been eaten by humans!  With an osmotic treatment, mangroves seeds develop into an avocado-like delicacy, which was beyond words to taste. We had the most wonderful 10 course menu created exclusively with produces from the fishing village of Thuwal (except for spanish caviar), created in just 3 days."