The Red Sea Decade Expedition begins!

22 February, 2022

The Red Sea Decade Expedition has officially started!


Running from the beginning of February until the end of June, we are hopping aboard NYC'S OceanX and KAUST's Al Azzizi vessels, and journeying from one end of Saudi Arabia to another.

The aim of the expedition: to map the habitats of Red Sea from the deep abysses to the shallow waters, and to produce a complete inventory of the biodiversity here - from the very small creatures to the megafauna. 

Utilising eDNA samples, we can also see the biodiversity in the Red Sea over different timescales.

Other important outputs are scientific communication, social media outreach, and teaching students from other universities in the Kingdom!



To follow along with updates from official channels by OceanX over the coming months, search 'OceanX' on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

All images on this article were from Twitter, shared with permission from Dr Mohammed Qurban, National Centre of Wildlife.