The new book “ Ocean: The Secret of Planet Earth” by Carlos Duarte is out!

07 May, 2024

Professor Carlos Duarte has published a pivotal new book titled “Ocean: The Secret of Planet Earth”, released by Springer. 

This book offers fundamental insights into the ocean's characteristics and its historical significance to humanity. The enduring relationship between humans and the ocean, deeply ingrained in our culture, faces a critical crossroads as human activities increasingly disrupt marine ecosystems. Nonetheless, the intelligent utilization of the ocean holds the key to ensuring resources essential for our future well-being. Unveiling the ocean's remaining mysteries through scientific inquiry represents a crucial challenge for humanity.

Combining scientific rigor with personal reflections drawn from the author's experiences, this book informs readers about the ocean's multifaceted aspects. It is dedicated to the exploration and deeper understanding of the ocean, emphasizing the imperative of responsible stewardship.