Encuentro de los Mares - Tenerife

16 June, 2024

Tenerife recently hosted the "Encuentro de los Mares" (Meeting of the Seas), a pioneering initiative that merges science, gastronomy, and fishing to address pressing challenges in ocean conservation. This year’s edition, held from June 16-19th, focused on the concept of blue health, emphasizing the vital connection between oceans and human well-being. Discussions underscored the urgent need to foster a deeper human-ocean connection.

The congress featured debates across various perspectives from science and fishing, highlighting diverse views on ocean protection and its future. Notably, Professor Carlos Duarte delivered two impactful talks: "Red Ochre and Shells: A 250,000-Year Journey in Human History," exploring the historical significance of ancient artistic practices, and "Reconciling a Healthy Diet for People and the Planet," addressing sustainability challenges in diet choices alongside Benjamín Lana, Director General of Vocento Gastronomía. In his presentations, Professor Carlos Duarte also illuminated the role of access to seafood and iron in human evolution.

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