Ocean Us Launches with Prof Carlos Duarte as Chief Scientist

23 May, 2024

Ocean Us, a pioneering organization dedicated to the effective and timely rebuilding of marine life, has officially launched its comprehensive initiatives to restoring ocean completeness. The organization is committed to addressing the significant challenges facing our oceans, focusing on projects such as global coral restoration, blue forest rebuilding, and majestic megafauna recovery.

Ocean Us operates through three specialized units: the Blue Unit for habitat restoration, the Brown Unit for creating an ocean-positive economy, and the Green Unit for fostering a human-ocean connection. These units collectively work towards the organization’s mission of achieving a thriving, resilient ocean that supports both ecological and human well-being.

Professor Carlos Duarte, is appointed Chief Scientist and will guide the organization’s innovative projects with the latest scientific research and best practices.

For more information on their vision and initiatives, visit Ocean Us.