Andrea Anton

Postdoctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral fellow



Building 2 (Ibn Al Haytham) West, Level 3, Room 3216 WS18


I study the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on the dynamics of marine communities. My work contributes to our understanding of the effects of pollution, global warming and invasive species on coastal ecosystems. Currently, I am exploring community metabolism on coral reefs in the Red Sea.

Research Interest

Coral Reef Ecology, Seagrass Ecology, Global Change, Community Metabolism, Invasive Species

Selected Publications

  • Prey naiveté to invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans) on Caribbean coral reefs
    A. Anton, K. Cure, C.A. Layman, R. Puntila, M. S. Simpson, J. F. Bruno
    Marine Ecology Progress Series, (In press)
  • Environmental and biotic correlates to lionfish invasion success in Bahamian coral reefs.
    A. Anton, M. S. Simpson, I. V.
    PLoS ONE 9(9): e106229, (2014)
  • Shoreline stabilization alters patterns of macroalgal primary production near salt marshes.
    M. I. O’Connor, C. R. Violin, A. Anton, L.M. Ladwig, M. F. Piehler
    Wetlands Ecology and Management, 19, 131-140, (2011)
  • Decoupled effects (positive to negative) of nutrient enrichment on ecosystem services.
    A. Anton, J. Cebrian, K. L. Jr. Heck, C. M. Duarte, K. L. Sheenan, M. E. C. Miller, C. D. Foster
    Ecological Applications, 21, 991–1009, (2011)
  • The impact of oyster reef restoration on nutrient dynamics and primary productivity in tidal marsh creeks of the North Central Gulf of Mexico.
    R. Plutchak, K. M. Major, J. Cebrian, C. D. Foster, M. E. C. Miller, A. Anton, K. L. Sheehan, K. L. Jr. Heck, S. Powers
    Estuaries and Coasts, 33, 1355-1364, (2010)
  • Warming and resource availability shift metabolism of a marine food web.
    M. I. O’Connor, M. F. Piehler, D. M. Leech, A. Anton, J. F. Bruno
    PLOS Biology, 7(8) e1000178, (2009)
  • Low impact of hurricane Katrina on seagrass community structure and functioning.
    A. Anton, J. Cebrian, C. M. Duarte, K. L. Jr. Heck, J. Goff
    Bulletin of Marine Science, 85, 45–59, (2009)
  • The impact of Hurricane Ivan on the primary productivity and metabolism of marsh tidal creeks.
    J. Cebrian, C. D. Foster, R. Plutchak, K. Sheehan, M. E. C. Miller, A. Anton, K. M. Major, K. L. Jr. Heck, S. P.
    Powers Aquatic Ecology, 41(2), 391-404, (2008)


  • Ph.D., Ecology, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, USA, 2013
  • M.Sc., University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab, USA, 2007
  • B.Sc., Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 2003

Professional Profile

  • 2016 – Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 

KAUST Affiliations

  • Red Sea Research Center (RSRC)
  • Division of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE)​​