Kimberlee Baldry

Masters Students



Building 2 (Ibn Al Haytham) West, Level 2, Workstation: 2206-WS02

Research Interest

​Particular interest in the interface that exists between marine science and mathematics. My MS research will explore various drivers of the carbonate chemistry within coastal environments in the Red Sea. I hope to graduate from KAUST at the end of 2017 and pursue a Ph.D. in some aspect of the carbon cycle. The air-sea interface interests me, although I have not yet had a chance to explore this as a topic of research


  • B.Sc., Chemistry (Physical) and Mathematics (Applied and Statistical), UWA, Perth, Australia, 2016

Professional Profile

  • ​2016: Research Assistant (Marketing), UWA, Perth, Australia
  • 2016: Laboratory Demonstrator, UWA, Perth, Australia
  • 2015-2016: Tutor (Statistics), UWA, Perth, Australia
  • 2014-2016: Vacation Scholar/Industrial Trainee, CSIRO, Perth, Australia
  • 2014-2016: Research Assistant (Centre for Social Impact), UWA, Perth, Australia​

KAUST Affiliations

  • Red Sea Research Centre (RSRC)
  • Biological and Environmental Science & Engineering (BESE)​​​

Research Interests Keywords

Analytical Chemistry Marine Science Oceanography Applied Mathematics